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Dlc protocol

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There is also a network protocol with the name Data Link Control. It is comparable to better-known protocols such as TCP/IP or AppleTalk. DLC is a transport protocol used by IBM SNA mainframe computers and peripherals and compatible equipment. DLC (data link control) is the service provided by the Data Link layer of The Logical Link Control layer protocol performs many of the same functions as the. (1) Short for Data Link Control, the second lowest layer in the OSI Reference Model. Every network interface card (NIC) has a DLC address or DLC identifier (DLCI) that uniquely identifies the node on the network. Some network protocols, such as Ethernet and Token-Ring use the DLC addresses exclusively.

BARR/NJE. You must install the DLC protocol before you can use an LLC2 communication link. Use the following procedure to install the DLC protocol. DLC, or Data Link Control, is Generally, the services that the data-link layer of the OSI reference model provides to adjacent layers of the OSI protocol stack. You must install the DLC protocol on your server machine before you configure the Microsoft SNA Server software. This procedure assumes that you have.

The H DLC/VS protocol for satellite communications. Harry Perros reports on simulation studies of the performance of a modified. H D LC protocol. The HDLC . 10 Feb If the virtual machine is configured to use the Data Link Control (DLC) protocol to connect to a Systems Network Architecture (SNA) host such. DLC is based on the Data Link layer of the OSI model. Windows bit programs with communication drivers and other DLC network protocol stacks. The authors present one such protocol, the low altitude multiple satellite data link control (LAMS-DLC) protocol. They derive the throughput efficiency of. The purpose of the DLC protocol layer is to insulate the ATM network layer from wireless channel impairments by selective retransmission of erroneous or lost.


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